Friday, January 13, 2017

"New" Faces

Last night my nephew picked Marissa and I up (I don't drive in snow!) And we headed to my Dad's. The roads were quite icy! Everyone was invited over to see my step-mom's parents who are out here.
After being cooped up and unable to leave the house it felt like I had been handed $1,000,000! Lol, okay, not quite.... ;-)  It felt pretty good though to be able to get out!
We got there and everyone was anxious to get out in the snow! Nobody has spent much time sledding this year, guess we just aren't used of being able to...Though in my case, there really isn't anywhere to sled in a subdivision. Not everyone was there yet though so we waited with butterflies in our belly's. Or I did anyways...;-)
Finally we all bundled up. Grabbed the sleds and took off. A few of us went and tried one hill out front, but nobody came and joined us. So off we went to find them sledding down another hill. Oh it was fun!
After awhile us girls decided to go walk around. Laughing and talking. Looking at the "stars" in the snow and eating them...LaKaysha??;) We sledded down the hill a few more times, but then spent the majority of our time visiting, eating snow and dancing. Hehe!
After awhile we finally started getting cold, or at least I did, and went in. Good food, good conversation and coffee...(yes, we made a few changes in our diet;)
I was glad to spend some time with people again! Laughing, visiting and just seeing their faces. It was refreshing! Also was very glad to spend sometime playing in the snow! Aww....Felt like I was little again....
Enjoy! <3 Marita


  1. So fun! Glad you enjoyed it... I've been able to get out here a few times and always enjoyed it

    I have been seeing nothing but my siblings faces for too long.

    Being in the snow was so much fun! But, man - going back up that hill was so tiring. ;P
    And dancing in the snow is the best. I hope Curt wasn't looking out his windows. *giggles* or anyone else at his house. But I don't care what my great-uncle thinks of me. ;P
    "Eating stars"... oh yes.
    And thinking "of a wonderful thought", throwing the snow in the air for pixie dust.
    You would have no idea we're adults. ;P

    It seriously was soooo much fun! <3

  3. To quote Lucy.. "Ethel, I'm sick of the sight your face." Lol that's what I've been saying to Marita for days! ;)

  4. Haha! Marissa! I have probably said that quote several times recently too.

    "You can hold them. And eat them. Now you'll never be the same."

    Was so very good to see everyone!

    1. lol That was my quote, ya'll.
      Come on, it looked just like the stars had fallen with the snow and were lying all around.
      Eating stars sounds amazing!
      'You can swallow it. And the beams will shoot out of your fingertips and your eyes and the end of your hair...."

  5. It was such a blessed time! I enjoyed the sledding and the talking and the riding and the laughing... :D