Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Snow

Well, I have only managed to work one day this week due to the weather. I've missed at least one day a week since Christmas! I am enjoying the break but it hasn't been helpful to my budget.
BUT.....I am LOVING the snow!  Only once have I actually gone out in it and it was a blast! Tonight the whole family is invited to my Dad's and I am hoping to spend some time (if we can even make it there!) In the snow....
Over all, January has been a very slow month. Mostly sitting at home and only going out if necessary. Any clear day when the roads are good I try to make it to work and get everything I need done in one day. I spend my days reading, knitting and watching old movies...And re-watching Father Knows Best ;)
Marissa and I have both been feeling gross, itching all over with slight rash(I had welts one day) and headaches. So we decided to try a special diet and hopefully heal our stomaches and find out what is causing everything. I can't say if we will be able to stick to it... Hopefully we can! It hasn't been fun and it is only the second day! Lol! But overall I have felt better already! I am enjoying trying to be creative and make foods we can eat but also make them taste good. I will try to keep you updated on how this goes and whatnot...:-P
Anyways, since nothing much has been going on I don't have much to say...Been going through stuff, planning and budgeting in what we need for our rental/apartment. Pinterest is quite helpful and fun so we've enjoyed doing that.
We spend hours reading inspirational and funny quotes to each other. We get a good laugh...:-P
Hope you enjoyed this little update!
<3 Marita


  1. Isn't the snow just beautiful? I haven't been doing much recently either, but it sounds like you've been enjoying your free time. :)

  2. I'm SOOOOO looking forward to going to Grandpa's tonight!!!! *happy dance*

  3. I think I'll go crazy if the snow lasts much longer. It is pretty but I just want to work and be able to get out and about! I can't wait to see people tonight!

  4. "One day at a time" right? *wink*

    Enjoyed the update!

  5. I'm sorry you girls are itching all over. Sounds like it could be from the mold:(.