Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming!!//Update on life

I haven't written any personal post lately. Life has been just so full! Last month seemed to just roll by without my noticing and now March is already half over! Argh...Feels like I can't even stop to think! But...I will try for this post.
For a while now I have been just anxiously waiting for the time when Marissa and I will get our own place. It has seemed like a long time since we first started working towards that goal. For Christmas we received gifts of items we would need. At the time it seemed so far away! Now more recently we got a living room set and a kitchen table set! Plus Marissa and I both got more work which is such a blessing! I had just started to worry that maybe we couldn't afford to live on our own. Now it feels so close...Yet still so far.. I still need a bed and we need a washer and dryer... But otherwise we got what we "need" and then some!
On the 31st of this month my sisters and I are going away for my sister Elisa's birthday. I am excited! This is the first time we have ever done anything like this before. Well...We did stay one night away together before but it was a long time ago and I was quite young... My relationship has changed with my sisters since then...Though I will probably always be the "baby" I feel I am much closer to them now.
This July a group of us are going to Minnesota once again for our church conventions. And like before I am really excited. Last time was a trip to remember...And I mean, literally!;)  But hopefully this year's memories will be even better! We plan to do some sightseeing on the way back home and I am really looking forward to it! The main place I want to go is so see the town my dad was born in. I grew up hearing stories about it but this will be my first time there! Maybe Mt. Rushmore, Lake Superior also...??
I have been slowly trying to go through stuff and downsize the multimillions I own. I am exaggerating. But it is close enough! I have tons of stuff of my Mom's and tons of stuff from my childhood. Lots I will keep though I will probably pack it away again...But there lots of toys that I don't know if I will want to keep now. I have been through my clothes many times over the last few months and continue to get rid of stuff. Only now it is about all I can do. I have many t-shirts from my many travels around the country that I can't part with.
I have been thinking about doing a series of post about all the places I have been. I've traveled all around the lower 48 states, though not to all yet. I've also been to Canada and Mexico. If I ever find time to do the tags I am supposed to do(sorry guys!) Then perhaps I will find time to do this too!
Just a quick update. Hope you enjoy it!
<3 Marita


  1. enjoyed! :) Super excited about our sister weekend!!! Praying we are blessed! I love you Little sister! <3

  2. Yes, our first trip to conventions was really something else!!! I didn't know it could be so blessed even though it was NOT a dream trip. ;P :)

  3. Enjoyed this!
    I am getting anxious for you waiting for your place!
    One day at a time <3

  4. Enjoyed this! I hope you get your own place soon! <333