Monday, March 6, 2017

The Q & A Tag

Hey everyone! I am sorry about taking so long to do this tag!
I was tagged by two different people, thank you Shantelle @ Between the Pages of This Bookish Life and Marissa @ Hidden Treasures! I won't be tagging anyone (as everyone has probably already done it!) and will be answering questions from both the people I was tagged by. Hope you enjoy!

1) Favorite book you've read this year?
Hmm....I haven't done a lot of serious reading this year! Mostly I have just skimmed through books. But, I think it would be Amish Sweethearts by Leslie Gould. I thought it was a very sweet story!

2) Would you rather read the book before watching the movie, or the other way around?
I have done both and I have found if I watch the movie first it isn't ruined when I read the book...but, if I do the opposite most often I do not like the movie. I guess in the end I enjoy watching the movie first. Though I always enjoy the book much, much more!

3) What's one movie/TV series that has impacted you? Why?
I guess if I must give only one answer I will say....Father Knows Best.
The people are so real! They act like a normal family, though of course everyone has there own "normal". Their life in the show is quite different than my life growing up, but they live how I always dreamed a "normal" family lived. A life where the dad went to work everyday, the mom wasn't sick and all the siblings were at home just growing up together.... ;)

4) What actor has "the voice"?
Sam Elliot. Or I guess I would say  him as Tell Sackett...He was "mine" when I was little. I LOVED his voice growing up! But there also is...Matt Damon, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart...sigh, lots off distinct voices out there!

5) Love being with people, or would you rather be a loner?
Hmm, this one is hard! I do enjoy being with people to a point. I do not like talking in crowds or even being around them much, but enjoy one on one conversations. I love being with my friends in a group though, which sometimes is pretty big. But usually I don't like being "with" them. I usually just go off in a corner and read or something. I guess it all depends on my mood... :P I would probably say I am happiest alone...

6) What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone new?
I guess their eyes. But also the way people walk stands out to me.. don't ask me why! I guess I notice almost anything about their body language. They way they move, they way they stand, etc...

7) What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?
Humility. I believe that the ability to humble yourself and admit your weakness and your faults is the truest form of courage and strength. This is one thing I pray I can learn!

8) What's your "go-to" shirt?
A long green and white striped t-shirt. It is so soft and comfortable!

9) What's one wish of your heart?
That I could every draw closer to my Lord and Savior and that those who are lost could come to believe. I guess that is two.. ;)

10) What are your three favorite baby names?
Kin Yance, Forever Rose, and Margaret Evelyn. I have many, many names written down so it is hard to choose only three.... :)

Hope you enjoyed!
Marita <3


  1. I never really thought about the movie before book that way before...hmmm...yes, the movie rarely ruins the book, but the book almost always ruins the movie. :)

  2. Aw, I love your names! <3 And your wish :)
    Sam Elliot! Yes, oh, yes! His voice just sends shivers up and down your spine, it's so cool and rugged! ;)

  3. Matt Damon's voice is so... so... amazing!!! ;)

    I agree about watching the movie first. =D

  4. Matt Damon's voice is so... so... amazing!!! ;)

    I agree about watching the movie first. =D

  5. Like Emily said, I have never thought about the movie and book that way! But it's true! I love "The Shadow Riders", probably even better than the book.
    But then like the Love Comes Softly movies? Nope. Books are better and that's just that.