Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Childhood Home

I have put off posting for awhile now for many different reasons. I just don't feel like there is a place in my life for real blogging right now. At this moment in my life I am going to take it one day at a time.
Recently my childhood home, the place that shaped my childhood, The Ranch, has sold. I don't know if I believe it or if I ever will. For though it is a piece of my Mom I am losing, it is even more a piece of myself.
Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago, I am not sure I want to share it, but I feel it says how I feel about that home in mountains than anything else could. I am not a writer and don't really have a "flow" with words so to speak, so please excuse my many mistakes.

My Childhood
When I was young and oh so free,
I lived in peace and harmony.
Suntanned and dirty, I played till dark,

Riding the four-wheeler, I would reluctantly park.

Ever watchful of what might impair,

Of rattlesnakes and cougars we looked with care.
I could be a “cowboy” all day,

“Riding the Range” to pass the time away.

Apples, plums, sunflowers and pine,

Oh how in the sun we’d all repine!
Summer days we languished till the fall;

Bathing in the river, with fishies and all!
Then came the cold and a fire we’d start,

We little’s would roll newspaper with all our heart.
Food was special up on that “hill”,

And how we always ate our fill!
Snacks of fudge and “ice cream” snow,

Then to bed, to bed we would quickly go!
Then one day everything ended,

No more “cowboys” or feces mended.
Mama got sick and “goodbyes” were said,

The Ranch and my old life have been put to bed.
Mama is gone and oh how I miss,

Her laughter, her joy and her sweet, sweet kiss.
She left this world and things are no more,

The way they once were before.
 So I hold onto these my childhood days,

And pray that my children may know these ways.
Of bathing with fishies all the summer till fall,

Sunflowers, apples, plums and all!

Honestly, that time in my life, those first few years, were like a fairy-tale. I could never describe the whole of it, the magical feeling, the peace, or joy. I had a childhood unlike anyone else I know, besides a few of my siblings perhaps. Those days were before Mom got sick, when she was healthy still and that is where I remember her. There in the kitchen, making apple pie, or trying out the old woodstove.
Those were the most precious days of my life.
<3 Marita


  1. *tears* I am gonna miss that place so much! I love you Auntie! <333

  2. Sob! Love you girl. It's so hard. Praying for you and Marissa too! If only we could capture those old days with mom and visit them again. (there is one typo, missing the "n" in fences. ;)

    1. And I tried to read it out loud to Joey and broke down with an uncontrollable sob on the line .. mama got sick.. :( I wish I could go back and hug up you and Marissa and take care of you girls better when mama got sick. Couldn't have replaced mom, of course, but still. You were just babies.

  3. Tears, and more tears:( So sorry for you have lost Marita! Many prayers being prayed for you and Marissa. God promises to be with us and HE WILL be your strength! I am SO thankful God blessed you with some amazing first years of your life..those memories are some of Gods greatest blessings!! <3 We sure were blessed with one amazing mom!!! :)And someday soon we will be reunited with her where there is no more tears!! I love you!

    1. oops meant to say so sorry for all you have lost**

    2. I want to add that I feel my early years were so much like how you remember yours at the ranch...though mine were on the farm :) I ran barefooted with Casey all through those fields and orchards, helping mom in the garden and picking fruit out of Grandpa and Grandmas Orchards. doing all the out door chores with Casey ( milking and such) camping and riding dirt bike around the berry field...dreaming with mom and dad of buying a "ranch" someday while we all worked together in the early mornings cutting thistle... oh how I loved growing up on a farm and feel so very blessed to have been raised that way!! <3

  4. tears! I love you, Marita! So sorry for your pain! Praying for you!

  5. Tears!! Love you, Marita! <3

  6. YES, great memories for all of us.... YES, we were blessed to have been able to raise our children on a farm.... and to have a dream come true!! A ranch that we could call our own. God has a plan, and part of His plan was all that we lived.... and now He has led us to change and new things in this life. We can't relive our past, and most of it we wouldn't want to.... if only we could get rid of the mistakes... but then it would be too much like what heaven will be.... can you imagine.... every moment will be filled with nothing but happiness.... FOREVER! I love you Marita.... keep sharing your thoughts and feelings... it helps to face each new day! God bless!! DAD