Monday, August 7, 2017

EIAJ // #2 // Conventions

That first morning in Minnesota (July 13th) we woke up late. I had figured we would wake up early that morning since we had gone to sleep so early. Wrong! Obviously we were quite tired! So up we got and a running we were. We had figured to try to get to the school/church early as we didn't know how full it would be. There ended up being very few people there that first morning, so we had time to spare.
I don't remember much about what we did that first day. We had subs for lunch, then, if this is the right day in my memory, we went and walked around the town. Conventions were held in the small (tiny!) town of Esko, MN.
We didn't do a whole lot while in MN. We swam once at our motel (the boys did more than once) and spent time at services. I went to one youth gathering and didn't enjoy it so didn't go again. I enjoyed some of the sermons very much and others not so much.
The days there seem to all run together in my head so I guess I won't write much about anything specific. It was an adventure and a learning experience and I am thankful I went. I would say though, that overall I didn't really enjoy conventions. It was a blessing to hear those few sermons that I LOVED and it was definitely worth going just for those.
Here are a few pictures from our days there.

Hope you enjoyed this short post! I will be working on the best half of our was amazing, I can't wait to share! I admit, writing these first couple hasn't been easy when I just can't wait to write about mine and Marissa's road trip!
<3 Marita


  1. .... looking forward to the adventure that you are about to share!! We know you had fun and it is always fun to share the story also. Love ya! Dad

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looking forward to the next in the series ;-)

  3. Hey! I remember you taking that picture of Dustin, Lando, and me at the youth gathering! :)

  4. Enjoyed the pictures. Looking forward to your next posts :):)

  5. Sorry conventions weren't very enjoyable! Now off to read your newest post...

  6. Sorry that it didn't go as well as you had hoped!