Saturday, August 12, 2017

EIAJ // #3 // Road Trippin'! // Cokato, MN - Daddy's Town

#3 - It Begins!

Eek! SO excited for this post!
After we left our motel in Duluth/Proctor, MN, our big trip began. It was exciting and a dream come true. Something I have always wanted to do but never thought I ever would. I now hope it isn't 'a once in a lifetime' event, I hope it is something I can do again and again.

On our 'first' day, our only stop was Cokato, MN, and driving, driving, driving! It was around four hours to Cokato and then another seven hours to our motel in Murdo, SD.
We arrived in Cokato around noon and first thing we did was eat lunch at a gas station. Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

Then we set out to explore the town. We had spent hours with our Dad looking over Google Earth as he showed us and told us of his memories growing up there. So with my phone's help we found where we were in Cokato and figured out where his house should be and set about finding it.
We did. The first thing we seen was a lady carrying a dead rat of her lawn.

The brown house was my Dad's boyhood home and the blue/green one was my Great-Grandparent's home. It was amazing to see the place I had heard about my whole life! It would have been nice to have walked around some, but as we are both slightly timid, we didn't stay too long. (We actually went by the house twice to make sure we got enough pictures and  to just soak it up!)
We next went to find the school and just to drive the streets to see it 'all' (which I doubt we did, it was much bigger than we thought.). We did get out and walk around at the school and enjoyed just being there. It felt as if we were there for only a few minutes, but the hours slipped by quickly.

As we were leaving (it was hot!) we decided to get ice cream. If you know my Dad, you know his favorite food is ice cream, so we just had to have ice cream in his boyhood town. So we went to Dairy Queen for some Ice Cream Cones!

It was very good and refreshing. As we walked out we decided to try and get a picture with the old creamery in the background. It is the building with the tall 'tower'.

And then we hit the road for the seven hour drive to our motel in Murdo. It was a long drive and we drove right towards a big thunderstorm. I was quite nervous but we never got into anything too bad. The lightening was streaking across the sky and it did rain a bit, but then we could see the sun peaking out from the other side. When we got on the freeway about an hour from our motel, it was down-pouring so hard I could barely see, thankfully there wasn't very much traffic and it didn't last very long.

We finally got to our motel at 9:30 P.M. and I was quite tired. We checked in and unloaded our stuff into the bedroom. As we had packed our food for the trip, the first thing we did was eat supper. Spaghetti-O's that night. Not exactly health, but it did save us lots of money. The breakfast at this motel was delicious! I had biscuits and gravy! It was the first hot breakfast in a week so it was greatly appreciated!

I spent part of each evening going over the drive the next day. I like to be prepared. :P

Next...The Badlands and Mt. Rushmore!

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  1. So much fun! :) I want to do something like that! Only not for awhile...I already made 2 trips this year! That's enough for me. ;P

    1. Yes, doing too much in a year is exhausting. I learned that the first time we went to MN. :)

    2. But you should definitely do something like it! It was awesome! ;)

  2. SO fun!! Someday I want to take a road trip again! :)

  3. How did I not see this post!? Ee! Love!
    Someday I want to visit there! Along with Watertown <3

    1. I have been to Watertown when I was little, but I do want to go again someday. I am really glad we got to go! <3