Thursday, September 7, 2017

O Grave Where Is Thy Victory?

O Grave Where Is Thy Victory?


When I was just eleven,

A little girl you see.

Mama had to go away,

It was just meant to be.

I tried to be strong for her,

I didn’t want her to see my fear.

She was just going to heaven,

And someday I, too, would be up there.

So with a last kiss and smile,

I whispered in her ear.

“I’ll always love you Mama.”

And I wiped away a tear.

September 7th was the day,

The time was 5:00 PM.

She went up to Jesus,

Till we meet again.

“O’ grave where is thy victory?

O’ death where is thy sting?”

Such words my Lord gave me,

What comfort He does bring!

Today is the 10th Anniversary of that day. Ten years.
Ten long years of heartache that never goes away.
Ten years of learning to let Jesus hold me.
Ten years of counting my blessings. I had my Mama for eleven years.
Ten years of learning to trust my Heavenly Father.
Ten years of growing in Faith.
I am so thankful for these last ten years. I am ten years closer to joining my Mama in that Heavenly Band.
I had eleven years of seeing my Mom's faith. So simple. She simply believed. Through such hard, hard times. Oh how I pray for such faith!
"My heart can sing when I pause to remember, A heartache here is but a stepping stone. Along the way that's winding always upward, This troubled world is not my final home."
Thank you, Lord!


  1. *tears*
    Oh how I miss her! But I too am thankful for the 11 years I was able to spend with her.
    10 years... 10 years closer!

  2. Aww, you sweet girl! Let Jesus keep on holding you... Hugs!!

  3. Love you Marita! So hard! My heart hurts for you.

  4. Tears and love..... keep looking to Jesus...keep letting Jesus hold you! I love you! <3

  5. ....and as long as I am here on this earth I will always be here to hold you too..... but I will always be happiest when I know you are close to Jesus. I love you my dear young child.... you will always be my baby girl!!! Hugs forever.