Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"I Know a Little Girl"

For all you who may not know me, this was written by my niece...

“I Know a Little Girl”

Felicity Stenersen: December 24, 2014

 I know a little girl whose smiles are true
Her hair the color of honey; her eyes a green-blue
Her laugh is contagious, and can be heard across floor
It fills the room with light and begs you for more

 She loves her “King George” and her puppy dog too
Named for that mountain man that lived strong and true
Her hero is General Washington, and about him she’ll tell
Of days gone away, on the ship of time she’ll sail

 The piano is her friend, and her little finger can fly
Playing songs from “Melinda May” to “Sweet By and By”
Waiting she is, for her Farmer boy, to take her far away
To that land of milk and honey, where she will forever stay

When life isn’t too crazy and she isn’t helping others out
You can find her deep in a book of all different about
Books of history; books of the future to come
By authors down in history gone, and poetry some

I know a little girl whose smiles are true
Her hair the color of honey, and her eyes a green-blue
She’s a little thing, with dreams as big as the sea
That little girl is my friend, and forever she will be!
Hope you enjoyed it, Marita

Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day set aside for "giving thanks". And as the day went by I felt so unthankful. My thoughts were more on what I didn't have and what I want. Pretty selfish, right?
Last night I sat down to write in my diary, trying to pinpoint why I felt so guilty. Instead of counting my blessing I was listing what I didn't have, but in doing so I failed to see just what I have. But last night as I sat down to write, I realized ...I am so blessed!
So, today I AM very thankful for life, life everlasting. Salvation. But most of all for Who gave me life.
I have been blessed. I have family and friends. I have a home. All my needs are being met. I have a wonderful church family and I have freedom to worship.
Each and everyday we should be thanking God for what we have. I have for so long dwelt on things that I want from life. But God knows what I want, but most of all He knows my needs. If I am meant to have all the things I want than I will. In His Time.
Just wanted to post a reminder.

Be Thankful.

"Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."
Psalm 106: 1

God Bless,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hi! It's been a while since I last wrote... Can't seem to get in a schedule!
I have been working two days a week since September and have started to learn some floral design now! Pretty exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming. I am constantly learning something new each day at work and I enjoy it. With winter coming, so is the busy time of work so I am waiting to see how that goes. I can't say that I want to be a floral designer but I do enjoy it.
Today I canned some pears for the first time. I don't know what they will be like...but I am sure they will be fine. I am planning to put a batch of pears drying when I finish this.
Thursday I am going up to my sister's Elisa's house and stay with another sister, Marissa, while Elisa and her family are gone. It will be a nice change...
I bought myself a sewing machine but haven't really had a chance to figure it out... I started to sew a dress but haven't had a chance to work on it in a while. Not sure how that will turn out... I haven't been working on much crocheting or knitting lately, but have been doing more scrapbooking. I am hoping to start teaching myself more about piano playing though...I haven't tried to learn anything new in a long time... Our piano isn't tuned though which makes it harder to want to play. Maybe with winter coming things will slow down so I can take time to try learning something new.
Sunday we had a church potluck at my sister Mindy's and that was fun! I enjoyed laughing and talking with my nieces and nephews... us girls went for a walk which my nephew Dustin accompanied us on, we sat on the front porch and visited, played Spirit of America (a trivia board game) and just laughed and reminisced. All my "little" nephews are bigger than me now which they think is funny and spend quite a bit of time teasing me about. Pretty soon those "little" boys will be men, but I will always see them in my head as the little boys they were and sometimes still are...
I guess that's all I really have time to say.... I will try to write again soon....:/ We'll see how that goes...
God's Peace,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Fun & Harvest Time

Beautiful Sunflower in our garden!

This summer has been busy with birthday parties, family reunions, church conventions, weddings, vacations, and work...

I have been working for a florist every Saturday since June 7th and will be starting to work a couple more days a week and possibly more starting Sept. 6th. I have already taken one Saturday off for our annual trip to the Eagle Cap Wilderness and will be taking another Saturday off this month for our annual trip to visit America's National Parks. Right now I am not making enough money to even pay for my gas a month but with little side jobs I am making it... I am hoping that in September I will make enough to relax a little. I am enjoying it for the most part, but it is hard to remember all the flowers! Roses, Lilies and Carnations are the most popular it seems and the easiest to remember, but horsetail, mums, geraniums and Bells of Ireland seem to slip my mind often. There are soo many that I don't know yet and will need to know in September! I usually check all the flowers at stores to see if I remember their names and I have learned a few...I am hopeful that it will get easier eventually.

Independence Day was celebrated at my sister's house on July 4th. We had such fun putting the desserts together, watching fireworks, eating(!), visiting, playing games and singing around the campfire.

The next weekend was busy with my church having conventions, my family having a reunion and getting ready for my cousins wedding. Plus I worked that Saturday, but I made it to three days of services and both days of the reunion. Every night during conventions the church held youth gatherings. Three of my nieces, one nephew, my sister Marissa and I all went. We didn't really do much but I enjoyed it. There was about 400-600 young people there.

The next weekend we went to the Eagle Caps and stayed for three nights. One night was at the trailhead but we hiked out the next day and spent the next two nights at China Cap. Two nieces and five nephews accompanied my Dad, Sue, Marissa and I and we had an awesome time!

My eighteenth birthday was on July 30th, four of my siblings came down that evening for dessert and to help me celebrate. I got mostly books as gifts...shocked? They must know me, as everything I got I would have bought for myself. My sister Marissa got me Stepping Heavenward by: Elizabeth Prentiss a book I have read more than once, but absolutely love. Every time I read it I feel as if my eyes have been opened. I may be strange but it seems to hold a lot of meaning to me. Another gift I got was an unabridged copy of Peter Pan by: J. M. Barrie... "All children, except one, grow up." The very first line in that book gets me every time I read it... At eighteen I am now considered "grown up", but I still feel a lot like the five year old girl I used to be and more often than not wish I still was. Reading  Peter Pan  brought me back to five, playing with my niece Felicity in the backyard of her "yellow house" looking at the sky wondering just where Neverland was and dreaming of going there... "Second to the right, and straight on till morning." We would say as we searched the night skies for the star which we never found... Oh to be little again....sigh...

I have canned seven quarts of green beans, dried one quart of zucchini and made up a batch of refrigerator pickles from the produce of our garden. Today I picked a wheel barrel of apples and am hoping to can applesauce if I have time. We usually have about ten or more zucchini a day and haven't yet picked very many cucumbers so we have lots. Our green beans still are loaded as I didn't have time to pick them all yesterday...I don't know if there is enough though to can any today, so I am hoping to freeze some. I have sage to dry today and am hoping to dry some zucchini if I have time.... if I don't make applesauce I will dry the apples instead... I have never made applesauce before but I want to have some for backing this year.

Well that is my busy summer with the promise of a even busier fall.... I am excited though because I LOVE canning and preserving our garden harvest! I dream of someday doing it for my own home... Who knows what the future holds...we live day by day and I am enjoying the blessing God has given me....

God's Peace,
Marita Evelyn
*I tried to post some pics, but they won't upload...I will try again later :)