Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just Me...

When I started this blog I thought perhaps it would help me to stick to something and get into a schedule. I love reading blogs so I thought that having my own would be easy. It isn't. What a silly thing to think!
I wanted this blog to show people who I am, but I never even tried to reveal myself. By not writing I was trying to hide when that was the opposite of what I originally wanted. I find I am always contradicting myself.
So here I am. There are a lot of things that my closest friends probably don't know about me or maybe they do...I don't know...
I LOVE reading, but that is a easy one. I read probably about twenty books a week if not more. I love wearing long dresses and would wear them everyday if I could. Not modern maxi dresses but pioneer dresses or some kind of old fashioned style. I think I am more comfortable in them because I grew up wearing a pioneer style skirt my Mom made and later a pioneer dress my sister-in-law made. I always dreamed of being a teacher like Laura Ingalls Wilder, a writer like Jo March and Ann Shirley or a nurse like Clara Barton. I wanted to do something fun and exciting but I later found out that teaching, writing and nursing weren't the same as they used to be. I would have to go back a hundred or so years for my dreams to come true.
I always like the business side of things and have always dreamed of running my own business. I have thought of bakeries and cafes, craft stores and bookstores. I dreamed of what they were going to look like and even have thought of what music was going to play in each one. I will never forget the best birthday gift I ever got for I think my seventh birthday. A notebook, pencils, a book for writing receipts, stapler and hole puncher. I don't even remember what all but it was the greatest gift I ever got though I didn't know what to do with it.
When I was little my sister, nieces, nephews and I would have a "restaurant" every summer for the guys who worked for my Dad. We would sell sandwiches and iced tea or lemonade and had so much fun doing it. We would save all the money we made and give it to the Salvation Army when Christmas came. Those were good times. I thought that someday I would put our hunting shack(which is where we had our restaurant) at the end of our driveway and open a real restaurant. Kids are silly, right?
I still have faint dreams of being a nurse or a teacher, but I can be those if I have my own children someday and this blog is my writing dream I guess. My dream now of owning my own business is to get married and have a farm and a little store where we will sell organic produce, craft items and bakery. I know that my dreams might not be what God has planned for me and that perhaps none will come true. But I do know that what God wants is always best and that I know I will be thankful for whatever life He has planned for me.
I am happy, I am content. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have friends and family for which I am so thankful! I have had the privilege of seeing a lot of the beautiful country I live in and am so thankful for a country where I am free. God has given me so much in this life, even my dreams. I know that whatever may come, God will provide. That is a promise and I know that I need never worry. I guess that is why I dare to write this. Because I know that no matter what, tomorrow is in God's Hands.
God's Peace,