Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day to Day Life

For the last month my sister Marissa and I have been getting a taste of life on our own. Slowly figuring out the ins and outs of housekeeping. I have been getting used to a new work schedule also, which just adds to all the new quirks we are figuring out. So far the cost of groceries hasn't been to far off of what we thought they would be. The week of Valentine's Day I worked almost the same amount I work in a month, which was very tiring but in the end I made enough to cover my insurance with some extra left over to add to my grocery money. So far I haven't used any money out of my savings for groceries, just cash that I have hanging around.
But anyways, it has been a new experience and a nice "vacation" away from my everyday life. We are slowly coming out of the newness of it and getting into a schedule of sorts. We are both getting reused to living with each other and it has been quite fun.
Since this all began we haven't seen much of anyone (sorry!), but it has been so hard to try to get out and about when I was trying to get into a schedule. Also, we have been enjoying our sister time together. But like I said, the newness is beginning to wear off and we are starting to "live" again.
We have eggs coming out of our ears and so far we haven't found anyone who needs them. We have about 3 dozen in the refrigerator and that is after using 10 up in a Angel Food Cake! Which turned out very good, by the way...though not really like a Angel Food Cake. But I have to say, we do not look forward to eating eggs in the mornings!
Today we went outside and walked around, swung on the swing and dreamed of far off lands before going to do chores. I absolutely LOVE living away from people! Though we hear them and can sometimes see them through the woods, it is wonderful to be away from the constant eyes of neighbors. After a childhood at the Ranch it is wonderful to get a taste of that back. I miss being able to just go out and wander anywhere without seeing people!
So anyways, that is what is new over here in my world. What is new in your world? :)

God's Peace,