Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Good Ole Days

I have some early memories from before I learned to walk. My sister's wedding and playing with a nephew. Most of my "good" memories are from before I was 5 years old or around there.
I grew up playing with my sister, nieces and nephews. My 5 eldest siblings were married by the time I can remember(four before I was born).  When I was little I always thought of them as my friends parents more than my siblings. I don't remember meeting my eldest brother till I was a little bit older, but I don't know what age. I remember that he was flying out and while we were waiting for him I was bragging because we shared a birthday. I told two of my other brothers that he was my favorite and that I was going to run to his arms and hug him. They just laughed, but when he came I was scared and didn't dare even look at him. Seems so funny now!
I don't have many specific memories, it seems they are all jumbled up in my head. Most of my memories come from The Ranch. Early in the morning while I was still sleeping Dad would pack us all into the big green pick-up. I have memory of time and again waking up with my head on Mom's lap and already halfway to The Ranch. Going on long four-wheeler rides between Mom and Dad, falling asleep with my head against Daddy's back and eating cold brown beans from a can. Going to the river to take baths, picking apples in the orchard and watching quietly for a big buck.
At The Ranch I always thought all my dreams could come true.
I remember playing with my sister either in the barn, if big brother came with or just outside the fence but still near the house. We would wear our homemade "pioneer clothes" which most often were skirts and shirts we made out of brown paper bags, carrying our baskets to collect "food" which was usually pinecones and different plants. We were always alert for the sound of rattling in the grass and ever watchful of where we placed our feet. Often we would use our baskets as bonnets and just walk around telling our dreams to each other.
I remember usually eating steaks with instant potatoes and instant gravy. Mmmm! After playing all day and getting dust everywhere it would sure hit the spot! Evenings were spent playing games like , Phase 10, Skip-Bo and other card games. We would eat a snack as we played, Dad would be working on the computer and Mom would be on the phone with my oldest sister. Sometimes I would just play alone on the steps where it was warm by the fire.
I LOVED taking baths at The Ranch! It always felt so good to get clean. Baths were always at night there and after I would run to warm up by the stove. I will always remember going to sleep with the sound of the washer going and my older siblings arguing over something downstairs.
I remember the first time I ever tried apple pie. Mom went and picked the apples from the orchard and my older sister and her were making a pie for my dad. I told Mom that I didn't like it and she said I had to try it. Ick! I still don't like them! But I remember eating the apples with cinnamon and sugar all over them before they were baked, Mmmm!
Dad was always working, either getting firewood, fixing something or logging. I remember driving the four-wheeler to where ever he was to tell him it was time to eat or ask him a question. At night I would sit on his back and draw pictures while he looked at a magazine or watched the news. Often he would bring us all up to where he was logging to show us the view and tell us where we were going to build our house. He would lay out a plan on the ground and have us stand in our "rooms" while he told us of all the things we were going to do. He would tell how many head of cattle we would have and about what our chores would be. But in the end that house was just a dream.
I don't remember a single time that I didn't want to be at The Ranch. The happiest moments of my life were spent in that "cabin" out in the middle of nowhere. I didn't even write a fraction of my memories down and I supposed I could write forever, but I am to tired to write more tonight.
I have so many memories! Playing Around the Block with my four older siblings or Hide and Seek. Listening to Mom sing while she cleaned or running around the house with her and my older sisters "just because". Getting rocked to sleep by Mom and my older sister, sitting on big brother's lap, going on picnics with my sister and nephews, etc.... I could never write them all! Honestly my oldest brother was just someone on the other end of a phone and a call on birthdays when I was little. It seems so funny now thinking of it!
Hope you enjoyed these few memories, it seems that everyone is going down  "Memory Lane".
God's Peace,