Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Fall Party

Every year we have a Fall Party. We play games, dress up in costumes and eat good food. This year was no different! I am not sure when we started this for I know we did a End of Summer/Before School Field Day when I was little and I don't know if they are connected or not??? We used to do it kind of like a little fair. Hay rides, baking contests, guessing games, Three Legged Races, Wheel Barrel Races, Dunking for Apples...lots of fun fall games!
Every year has been different and this year we did it much later than normal. The fall rain is already here and this year was completely inside...This year we were divided in teams to play games and win as one. My team's name was "I Have No Clue" and we won! We did a "exam", (as I called it...) we each had five different pages of questions and four books and fifteen minutes per page to find the answers as a team. We had a guessing game, a costume contest and an observation game. I won first place in the costume contest so our team got the point...I was Nancy Drew from the 1938 movies.
Our food was just potluck and everything I had was delicious! sister Elisa brought Pasty! It was just my luck day!  At some point during our "exam" but still before supper, two of my aunts came. Auntie Eunie is from South Carolina and is here helping take care of my Grandpa who fell and broke his femur(?) and Auntie Lori lives with Grandpa taking care of him. We haven't seen Eunie in years so it was sooo nice to see her and we ended the day with beautiful singing of hymns to our Savior!
Such a blessed day! I am so thankful for days spent with my family and wish that all of them could have made it!
Here are just a few pictures (I didn't take many) of the day:

I wanted to write more about it all, but need to eat supper!
God's Peace,
Marita <3

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall is Here! ...a little update.

Woohoo! So excited that I can finally bundle up and be all cozy! I didn't realize how much I loved these cold evenings spent crocheting by the fire. Our summer here was sooo long and dry! I almost went crazy with all the forest fires...even now I find myself pausing for a moment when I see smoke, wondering what is burning! Never in all my memories do I recall even once having such a long, dry and dusty summer in Washington...maybe at our ranch in Oregon, but never in Washington!
So....these last few months have been a emotional rollercoaster. I am not even a hundred percent sure why.... Starting in June I have felt as if I was being pulled in a million different directions. I had a very busy summer! With going to my Church Conventions in MN, getting sick, seeing my brother Jonathan and his family(except two of his children) for the first time in 6 this being the first time I (and my niece and nephew) have ever traveled without an "adult", it was the prelude to a very full and fast-paced, but seemingly unending, summer. In July we went to The Ranch for Independence Day, then to Canada for our annual National Park trip and ending with one of my best friends getting engaged and my turning nineteen....whew...I almost went crazy!
This September marked eight years since I said goodbye to my Mama...crazy. Since then I keep thinking about how in only three years I will have lived half my life with her and half without. For most of my siblings it will be many years before they can say that, which I think in some ways has made it harder. Two of my nieces are eleven years old...the age I was when Mama died and I am realizing by watching them how much I lost all those years ago, not just when Mom died but even in the years before. They are so young and carefree, only just starting to grow up and all the emotions that go with it. I don't think I was ever as young or carefree as they seem to be. Oh I remember doing some of the things I watch them do and thinking some of the things I hear them say, but by that age I had already lived a lifetime. I have been learning that with each new milestone I pass there is a whole new part to grieve and I know that there will be many more times such as this where I will have to learn to say "goodbye" in a whole new way... Sigh....sometimes it just is soooo tiring! But I am so thankful for all my sisters who have all been like a mom to me in some way!
Anyways... As my friend's wedding gets closer (three months!) I have had a million emotions I have never experienced before. I miss all our hanging-out days when we could all be together, when we all lived near each other. Now two of our "group" have moved away and Kaysha is getting married starting a whole new way chapter in all of our lives. I have never been this happy or sad. I am so curious as to what the future might bring....I keep wondering.. Who is next? What is next? But unlike usual, these questions come with excitement and not apprehension(for the most part anyways...).
This season of holidays is more exciting this year too, now that is a real surprise! I haven't felt such childlike excitement for Christmas since I don't know when! But whatever the reason I am glad for it. I am so looking forward to the Christmasy feeling that comes and the excitement of a new year! Maybe memories of last year are where the excitement is coming from, for it was the best Christmas and New Year's I have had in years! I celebrated Christmas for the whole month of December; Christmas with my friends, Christmas was with my "whole" family Christmas with Leon and Elisa's family, the Stenersen Christmas, Christmas with Dad and Sue....ya...lots of Christmas! Then New Year's Eve we had such fun! Playing games, being silly and starting the year on our right foot...literally! Oh silly us! Boy, with such good memories of this last year, I can't help but realize that it is how you look at it that truly counts.
Work has been going good, I work four days a week and I am getting more comfortable than I thought possible. I still can't wait till I can just be done, whether that is near or far away I don't know. I don't mind the work, though flowers wouldn't be my choice, but I always get a panicky feeling if I think about this being my future, so I try my best to just live for today...not always easy. I know that if I can't be content here and now then I won't be content anywhere, so praying I can truly learn and understand that.
I have a Bible app on my phone and I have been putting it on audio at night or in the morning while I do whatever may need to be done before going to bed or going to work and have found that to be so relaxing! I have been working on reading the whole Bible, something I have always wanted to do...I just have the book of Luke left of the New Testament but most of the Old Testament is waiting for me. Since I have started doing this (years ago) I have read and reread so much, and in the process have learned so much! I LOVE reading all the letters that the Apostle Paul wrote, I have read Romans sooo many times and it has been a favorite of mine for years! Genesis has also been a favorite of mine and I first read it through when I was ten years old! LOVED it then and still do!
I have been waking up with a rash on my neck and chin/cheek for a long time now but recently it had gotten worse and with that and a few other things I was so stressed out I wanted to sit down and sob! But with advice from my sister I started cutting out sugar and the rash went away! But I hadn't thought about it much and figured the rash probably had been stress related until the other night when I ate a brownie (yes, with sugar) and I woke up again with rash.. Now I am thinking that sugar is causing it?? Not a hundred percent sure but I am trying to stay away from it... not always the easiest thing.
Just a little update... There is soo much more I wanted to write, but need to clean up from supper..  What have you been up to?
God's Peace,
Marita <3