Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reading List For 2016

Over this year there are quite a few books I would like to finish/read. I thought I would write them all out for you all! I don't know if I will be able to finish them all, but I am hoping to get a lot of "good" books in this year.

I am hoping  to read all these, but knowing me, I will probably get sidetracked before finishing them. But...I am hoping to read at least some of these and if not these books than some other "good" book.
I am hoping this year to post a least once a week, but that might not be what happens. My cousin, Kaysha, is getting married on the 23rd and I am her personal attendant and I am doing her flowers, so I don't know if I will end up posting next week... EEK! SO excited, but nervous too...

God's Peace,
<3 Marita

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Endings and Beginnings

These last two weeks have been both the best and the worst of my life....okay, that might not be 100% true...but right now that is kind of how it seems.
Christmas was bittersweet...lots of good memories were made. We went caroling this year again, my niece Daminika had a Christmas party and my nephew, Clayton, from South Carolina flew out. We had our "big" Christmas on Christmas Eve and all of my local family made it and of course Clayton was an added bonus... It has been years since we had so many siblings together at once...there were eight of us together again! My big brother Casey sang and played the guitar for us along with his son Austin, that was such a blessing! On Christmas Day we had our "small" Christmas with just my Dad, Sue, sister Marissa, Clayton and I. We had Prime Rib dinner and opened all our gifts, then we had to pack, for four of my nephews, one niece, Marissa and Dad&Sue were planning on leaving as early as possible the next morning for the Ranch.
The Ranch is what made Christmas even more bittersweet...only days before Christmas I found out my Dad had sold the Ranch, my home, sweet home... I still can't believe it and deep down I hope it isn't true... So the day after Christmas we headed out...with mixed feelings. I was so excited to see the Ranch in it's winter finery as it has been years, but sadness seemed to hang all about.
When we were a couple hours from the Ranch we started to see snow, we came through one spot that was white and the trees were completely white from freezing was BEAUTIFUL! We were so excited by that time that the time just flew by and soon we were on the Ranch driveway, 7 miles to the end and to the house! The driveway was only plowed so far and so we hoped we could make it in, we did slide some but we did make it! It was beautiful as I remember it and I will hold to this...I have never seen a more beautiful place on earth, and I have seen a lot of the USA.
We used sleds to haul everything to the house since we couldn't park down the hill by the house for the snow. I was wearing cowboy boots and they filled with snow every time I went up and down the hill. It took awhile to get everything sorted out and organized. The house was freezing and it didn't actually warm up till the next day or so.. That night we went sledding on the "big" hill and it was so clear that we could almost see like it was daylight. For a while we all just laid in the snow and talked. After we got too cold we went back in and played Skip-Bo till around 10 and finally went to bed. It was a very long day.
The next day was Sunday (December 27th) and so after breakfast and before we headed out to enjoy the day, my Dad read the Bible, he read in Luke, but I don't remember the chapter. Then we bundled up to go ice-skating and to shovel the snow off the pond. The boys actually did most of the shoveling, but I so enjoyed skating! Skating has always been one of my favorite winter activities and I have always dreamed of living where you can skate every year... Here on this side of  Washington we don't get much freezing weather.... We skated till around 1PM I think then we had grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. I think we might have just sat around till after supper, but I am not sure...I don't actually remember if we did much. That night we all played Bananagrams, On the Dot and Deer in the Headlights... I enjoyed On the Dot the most.
Monday we went ice-skating again, played some hockey, but didn't actually finish a game. After lunch we went sledding by the Upper Pond and it was AMAZING! It was a total accident, but we decide to go walk to the Upper Pond and then I slid down the hill from it without a sled and it slid good just like that. So my nephew Dustin grabbed a four-wheeler and went and got our sleds and boy did we have fun! We came back out after dark and used four-wheeler lights to see and it was even more fun in the dark! That night we all stayed outside by the fire till around 10PM.
Tuesday was spent packing and then the long drive home....boy do I miss it already... :(
Anyways, during part of our time at the Ranch and since, things have been going on at home which have led to me moving to my brother's house at least for the time being. I am not making any definite plans right now, I don't know what the future holds. It has been hard trying to adjust, I miss so much about living at home, but I have only been here for a couple days...
So, what a way for the year to end and new one begin! Prayers would be appreciated as I don't know where life is leading me. I have no idea if I have completely written something wrong or if I missed anything, but I don't have time to check anything...
God's Peace,
<3 Marita