Sunday, June 12, 2016

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things Tag

So... I was tagged by Daminika @WalkingInTheSonshine...a LONG time ago! Sorry Ducky!
My post won't be as pretty as her's or anything because I am not good at doing pictures, but I will try my best! I am not sure if these are all my favorites, it is hard to choose only ten things!

1: Old Recipes
I LOVE old recipes! I love cooking or baking old recipes, it makes me feel like I am closer to people in history.... I have cookbooks from the mid 1800's and I love trying those recipes, it is hard though because they do not use the same measurements as us so I use a lot of guesstimating... I don't have much time for trying new recipes anymore, but I dream of it all the time!

2: Anything OLD I probably could have done this for the first one, but anyways.... I love all old things, old songs, old furniture, and especially old houses! I dream of buying an old house and fixing it up to be like it was back in the day. I am especially fascinated with colonial and plantation houses! And I love songs from historical times, they seem to all tell a story that is usually unheard... I just love, love, love old things!

3. Books
I love books! I love how they can take you to another world, I love getting to know the characters but most of all I love learning! I love when I come upon a little bit of random knowledge that I didn't know before. It is usually those small tidbits that stick in my head! I love learning new words and reading of different times and ways of life! I just LOVE reading!

4. Old Classic Movies/Shows
My reason I love these is because I love the era they were made in... I love to see how people back in the 1930's-60's were just like you and me. I love the era when there was some modern technology which was new to them, but it was before all the "instant" technology of today.  I just LOVE anything...old!:P

5. My Nieces and Nephews
I LOVE my nieces and nephews! I love the ones who I have grown up with as friends, I love the ones who have slowly grown (and are growing) to be friends, and I love the babies who are so innocent... I love getting to know them each individually if I have a chance and trying to spoil them! I love the hugs and kisses from the "littles" and the teasing from the "big" ones! All in all, I just LOVE each and everyone of my nieces and nephews! I don't always understand all of them or get along all the time with them, but I am so blessed to have them in my life!

6. Wide Open Spaces
I love being able to go out side and just...breathe! I love being able to not see another person all day if I don't want to or walk all day and not come to a house or road. There aren't many places around here to do that, even in the mountains you can see towns down below... I miss my childhood home, The Ranch, where I spent my days roaming around, watching the cattle and wildlife and seeing God in His creation. I love the breeze on my face, the dust and the sun! I loved staying at Carson and Mindy's, for it was a little like that...walks through the woods, Freckles bounding along side, deer, sunshine...etc... It wasn't perfect, the neighbors were close, you could hear the cars on the road...but it was just enough! Mmmm! I miss the mountains...real mountains!

7. Spicy Foods
So, a little silly... :P But it is the truth...I absolutely LOVE anything spicy! I love peppercinis, jalopenos and just about anything that makes my mouth burn! I didn't realize this one until recently! But, mmmm! I get serious cravings for such goodness!

8. Letters
I love writing letters and I love getting letters... It has been a while since I have written anyone... Sorry! I just haven't been able to find time to write anything lately. I just love reading a letter, knowing that that person took time out of their day to sit and write me. I love writing letters, I love sitting with pen and paper...

9. Mornings 
 I love early mornings alone! I love when I can get up before anyone and sit and pray... I haven't had a morning like that in a long time and it is hard for me to start my days without it.... I love making coffee and breakfast for everyone...though that hasn't happened much. I love sitting outside and listening to the birds and walking in the dewy grass, things I haven't done since Mom died.  When I was little I loved getting up and Mom would be the only one up, I would sneak outside until Mom came and told me to come in... I loved those mornings!

10. Making Things
 I love making things, be it knitting, crocheting or cooking. I love scrapbooking, editing pictures or anything that has you putting stuff together. I just love knowing that I did this, even if it isn't the best it even that good at all. Not saying I don't like it when it does turn out good... :) I love trying g to decorate or organize. One of my biggest dreams is to have a vegetable garden and also a flower garden. But I love harvesting, picking all-day then canning or drying. I love lookibg at the jars all lined up and feeling satisfied after a long days work. The best way to fill fall evenings is snapping green beans or putting a batch of something drying. I just love working with anything that has meaning to me. It is so hard to work when I don't feel it is important. Stacking wood, power washing fences...just anything that like that makes me feel like I am actually doing something...

 Anyways....there are my favorite things.... I had the hardest time with this post! I dobt know who is left to tag so I just won't worry about that. Doing this on my phone so a little hard to figure it all out.

God's Peace,