Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Music, Music, Music..."

Have you ever heard June Carter sing that song??? I LOVE the young June, all the silly, fun songs she sings! I have so long wanted to write a post that it sooo me. I know I wrote about me and music before, but I just can't resist writing some more. I could never write down what music means to me in one post.
Do you know what I dream about at night? Yup...music. Every night I have dreams of this song or that. I dream of playing the piano or I dream of listening to my Uncle when I was little. I dream of music in every sense of the word. I spend my days thinking, dreaming and wishing that I could know more, that I could be around music every single minute of every single day.
I LOVE music!
I could spend a lifetime writing about the singers I love, the composers, the songwriters, the musicians, etc... Have you ever just stopped and listened to a song and thought, "Wow..."??
Music in general makes me stop, makes me think...
Since I moved away from home at the beginning of this year I haven't been near around music as I used to be. I miss playing the piano everyday (now I play three to four times a month). I started playing the piano not long after I lost my Mom and it brought something back to me I thought I would never have again. I was able to put all the sadness and sorrow into the music...all the things I didn't dare feel in the open. Music was always special, but after that I was hooked for life.
 Just this last weekend I was at The Ranch, yup...my good 'ole home sweet home! There were quite a few of us young "kids" up there, 19 to be exact. (Most of us were actually adults!) It felt quite strange to be there without my Dad... We stayed there for three nights and over all we had a blast. A few problems came up, like four-wheelers being ruined and the usual problems of too many people being together for too long. The second night there was when the whole group made it and a few pulled out there fiddle and guitars. They played for hours! It was so awesome! I could have listened forever... I have amazing memories and it was a very blessed trip!
 Now back to my music post...:P
 For a while now I have been realizing just how much music means to me and just how vast my likes in music are. I like so many different styles so many different instruments! Truthfully, I don't like many modern musicians...they have no true talent anymore... I LOVE the old music, music from 1960 and back. I love songs that have meaning. Songs of WWII, songs of the Civil War, songs of the Depression, etc... you get what I am saying? I love all my family's songs, the songs my uncle wrote, the songs my aunts wrote...those songs have meaning.
 I have always learned better at night, I don't know why but I always have. Back when Marissa and I would be home alone for weeks at a time, I learned so much in the piano! It is most often at night that I long to play.... I guess somewhere that became a habit of mine that I just can't break. Just recently we stayed at my Dad's for a few weeks and I was learning a new song, I don't do that very often. Well, in fact, I haven't learned anything new and very rarely play for fun anymore. Mostly I play for church and that stressed me out so bad I shake till after it is over and I don't even hear the sermon... not fun! I miss the casual playing, the playing where I could relax and let myself feel. Music was my everything for so long that being without it, I feel dried up...empty.
 Been dreaming about the day when I can have a piano of my own and time to play it. One of my biggest dreams. I want time to learn to play my violin, my mandolin and guitar. I have played around a littlw on all of them but have never had time enough to sit and learn a song. I dream of spending days where my only thought is music. I long for the solitude I get from playing freely.
 I could spend a lifetime listening to my favorite singers... Bing Crosby, Vera Lynn, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, George Strait, The Carter Family, and many, many more. I could spend a lifetime listening to just about any form of music. I enjoy opera, classical, classic rock, country oldies, jazz, swing and almost anything but rap... :P Certain singers/composers/songwriters do get in my nerves though...but not very many...

Well just a quick post, but I hope
you enjoy! I am sitting gat work on my lunch break writing this on my phone..
 <3 Marita