Friday, September 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Next spring/summer Marissa and I may have our very own home. It is still nine months away so it is not set in stone. But a place is a available and we can afford it(even if it is just barely.) Quite honestly, I am so excited! The apartment is owned by my cousin and her husband, and they live in it currently but when their house is done they will be moving out.
 I can't help but start dreaming and making plans. Of course, it will be awhile before we can be there, but that just gives us time to save up for the things we will need but don't have! Hopefully we can start out with just what we need and slowly add in other furniture. It will be slow, because like I said, money will be tight. But it is so worth it!
 I haven't felt like I had a real home since I was is just such a rollercoaster. Ever since Mom got sick things have just been so... I guess I just don't know a word to describe life since. I have learned that there is only one home for a Christian...Heaven. More and more I long to be there. But as life goes on I have been slowly learning to be content. Oh, it can be a struggle, but overall I feel I have grown and thank God for each day that I can grow more in.
 I have so many dreams....dreams that I pray can come true. I have long wanted my own business (I have wrote about that before), I have wanted so many different businesses that it is hard knowing what I truly would like! But I think I would like a bakery/cafe. Basically the dream I have had longest in life, aside from getting married, being a mother, etc. I just love cooking and baking for people and have since I made my first box cake. It wasn't much of an accomplishment and Mom help quite a bit, but it fueled my love of baking. I haven't had much of a chance in recent years to improve my baking skills. I love breads and pastries but those take too much time for after work. But I am hoping to bake once we get our own place (I will be able to stay up all night baking if need be) and hopefully start an online bakery. Might be a little bit of a far fetched dream, but oh, I hope it can be!
 Most importantly, having our place gives us stability. A place that is all our own and of which we can work towards our dreams. Perhaps I am being an optimist, but that is what I hope our own place means. 
 I will be working more at my current job, with hopes that someday with my bakery, etc. I can eventually quit. Though I feel I will always be tied in someway to that little flower shop. I do enjoy doing wedding flowers, but it can be quite stressful. I do not think flowers are my thing, but it is something I can do and is available to me. These days I do arranging everyday, working on orders or flowers for the cooler. I do enjoy it much more than I did.
 Yesterday Marissa and I rearranged our room. It felt so good! I just can't wait to have a real room to decorate. Between the two of us, we have so much stuff that this small room just can't be made to look good....maybe nice, but not good.  The way we have it now gives us much more floor space and makes the room feel way bigger. Thankful for small blessings.
This fall (it is actually coming!) I keep dreaming about next fall when we are supposed to be in our new home. Oh I just can't wait to make hot apple cider, read a book and sit next to the fireplace! Wood heat is the only way to go! I grew up with it and furnaces just don't compare.

 Just a little note.... :) I have been busy at work and in my head I am mentally busy (is that actually a thing?), Or that's how I feel anyways. With my new schedule I feel a little overwhelmed and at times wish I could just get away. But, makes that impossible.

Hope you enjoyed!

God Bless, Marita <3