Thursday, July 6, 2017


Fernweh - A strong desire to travel and visit far off places.
A German word literally meaning far-sickness.

Hey everyone! I am back again, though my post still might not be a frequent thing. I am glad to be back in the blogging world! I know there are a couple tags I haven't kept up on, so I am hoping (yeah, I know....I am not good at keeping up) to get them done at some point.
Life has been full of...well, life! It has been a fun, exciting few months and I am glad I took the break I did. I took a break from a lot of other things also, such as reading novels, etc. And I have spent a lot of time reading the Bible, especially at work on my lunch break. I feel more alive now than I ever have before.
My sister Marissa (you can see her blog here.) and I are going with some of our nephews and a niece to our church's annual conventions in Minnesota. On the way back we are splitting up and Marissa and I will be coming back "the long way"...alone! EEK! I am so excited! This is truly a dream come true. I LOVE traveling. I have been across the country and back twice in my life already. I have been to Canada twice and to Mexico once. But never have Marissa and I traveled alone...anywhere.

We literally planned it in just a few days. Originally we had just planned to drive back pretty much the way we had come and only making a few stops if possible. But when my Dad started talking about a trip he and my stepmom, Sue, had taken last year, we just couldn't resist.
There is one place I am anxious to see...Cokato, MN, which we are planning on passing through. It is my Dad's childhood home. I have never been there so I am really excited to see the place I have heard of my whole life!
From there we are headed out on the open road! Seeing places we have never seen and returning to some places we have been before.

Travel is in my blood. I grew up traveling six hours to the Ranch every couple weeks and then back again. I have been to so many national parks that I don't even remember how many! I have seen some beautiful places, been to our nation's capital, walked in George Washington's house, stood beside President Kennedy's grave. I have watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon, I have swam in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. I have stood inside a Sequoia tree, I have climbed a Redwood, and I have crossed The Golden Gate Bridge. I have walked through historic homes and imagined what life must have been like back then. I have seen soooo much...but I don't believe I could ever see enough of this world I live in.

I feel like this is just the beginning. There is so much out there for us. If I can I wish to spend my life traveling the world. I have no idea what God has planned. He may change everything in a second's time. But you know what, that's okay. I am happy to live my life however God decides. If God's plan is for me to meet someone and marry, settle down in one place and never travel again. Okay. If He wants me to never marry and live, however He deems. Well, that's okay too. Honestly, I am just excited about life!

I am excited to see what God has in store, for I know it will be wonderful! I have many places in mind already of where I would like to go next. Of course, it depends on how this trip goes and, most importantly, if I can afford it.
I want to go to Kentucky and see the Ark and Creation Museum. I want to see Acadia National Park in Maine. I want to return to Washington, D.C. and explore it in more depth. I want to do a road trip of New England. I want to go the English Isles and see where my family came from. I want to go to Germany and tour the Black Forest. I want to see the vineyards in Italy and walk the streets of Rome. I want to go hiking in Siberia. I want to walk where Jesus walked in the Holy Land. I want to see the Great Wall of China.

Is that too much???

Life is an adventure.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

My Childhood Home

I have put off posting for awhile now for many different reasons. I just don't feel like there is a place in my life for real blogging right now. At this moment in my life I am going to take it one day at a time.
Recently my childhood home, the place that shaped my childhood, The Ranch, has sold. I don't know if I believe it or if I ever will. For though it is a piece of my Mom I am losing, it is even more a piece of myself.
Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago, I am not sure I want to share it, but I feel it says how I feel about that home in mountains than anything else could. I am not a writer and don't really have a "flow" with words so to speak, so please excuse my many mistakes.

My Childhood
When I was young and oh so free,
I lived in peace and harmony.
Suntanned and dirty, I played till dark,

Riding the four-wheeler, I would reluctantly park.

Ever watchful of what might impair,

Of rattlesnakes and cougars we looked with care.
I could be a “cowboy” all day,

“Riding the Range” to pass the time away.

Apples, plums, sunflowers and pine,

Oh how in the sun we’d all repine!
Summer days we languished till the fall;

Bathing in the river, with fishies and all!
Then came the cold and a fire we’d start,

We little’s would roll newspaper with all our heart.
Food was special up on that “hill”,

And how we always ate our fill!
Snacks of fudge and “ice cream” snow,

Then to bed, to bed we would quickly go!
Then one day everything ended,

No more “cowboys” or feces mended.
Mama got sick and “goodbyes” were said,

The Ranch and my old life have been put to bed.
Mama is gone and oh how I miss,

Her laughter, her joy and her sweet, sweet kiss.
She left this world and things are no more,

The way they once were before.
 So I hold onto these my childhood days,

And pray that my children may know these ways.
Of bathing with fishies all the summer till fall,

Sunflowers, apples, plums and all!

Honestly, that time in my life, those first few years, were like a fairy-tale. I could never describe the whole of it, the magical feeling, the peace, or joy. I had a childhood unlike anyone else I know, besides a few of my siblings perhaps. Those days were before Mom got sick, when she was healthy still and that is where I remember her. There in the kitchen, making apple pie, or trying out the old woodstove.
Those were the most precious days of my life.
<3 Marita

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spring is coming!!//Update on life

I haven't written any personal post lately. Life has been just so full! Last month seemed to just roll by without my noticing and now March is already half over! Argh...Feels like I can't even stop to think! But...I will try for this post.
For a while now I have been just anxiously waiting for the time when Marissa and I will get our own place. It has seemed like a long time since we first started working towards that goal. For Christmas we received gifts of items we would need. At the time it seemed so far away! Now more recently we got a living room set and a kitchen table set! Plus Marissa and I both got more work which is such a blessing! I had just started to worry that maybe we couldn't afford to live on our own. Now it feels so close...Yet still so far.. I still need a bed and we need a washer and dryer... But otherwise we got what we "need" and then some!
On the 31st of this month my sisters and I are going away for my sister Elisa's birthday. I am excited! This is the first time we have ever done anything like this before. Well...We did stay one night away together before but it was a long time ago and I was quite young... My relationship has changed with my sisters since then...Though I will probably always be the "baby" I feel I am much closer to them now.
This July a group of us are going to Minnesota once again for our church conventions. And like before I am really excited. Last time was a trip to remember...And I mean, literally!;)  But hopefully this year's memories will be even better! We plan to do some sightseeing on the way back home and I am really looking forward to it! The main place I want to go is so see the town my dad was born in. I grew up hearing stories about it but this will be my first time there! Maybe Mt. Rushmore, Lake Superior also...??
I have been slowly trying to go through stuff and downsize the multimillions I own. I am exaggerating. But it is close enough! I have tons of stuff of my Mom's and tons of stuff from my childhood. Lots I will keep though I will probably pack it away again...But there lots of toys that I don't know if I will want to keep now. I have been through my clothes many times over the last few months and continue to get rid of stuff. Only now it is about all I can do. I have many t-shirts from my many travels around the country that I can't part with.
I have been thinking about doing a series of post about all the places I have been. I've traveled all around the lower 48 states, though not to all yet. I've also been to Canada and Mexico. If I ever find time to do the tags I am supposed to do(sorry guys!) Then perhaps I will find time to do this too!
Just a quick update. Hope you enjoy it!
<3 Marita

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Q & A Tag

Hey everyone! I am sorry about taking so long to do this tag!
I was tagged by two different people, thank you Shantelle @ Between the Pages of This Bookish Life and Marissa @ Hidden Treasures! I won't be tagging anyone (as everyone has probably already done it!) and will be answering questions from both the people I was tagged by. Hope you enjoy!

1) Favorite book you've read this year?
Hmm....I haven't done a lot of serious reading this year! Mostly I have just skimmed through books. But, I think it would be Amish Sweethearts by Leslie Gould. I thought it was a very sweet story!

2) Would you rather read the book before watching the movie, or the other way around?
I have done both and I have found if I watch the movie first it isn't ruined when I read the book...but, if I do the opposite most often I do not like the movie. I guess in the end I enjoy watching the movie first. Though I always enjoy the book much, much more!

3) What's one movie/TV series that has impacted you? Why?
I guess if I must give only one answer I will say....Father Knows Best.
The people are so real! They act like a normal family, though of course everyone has there own "normal". Their life in the show is quite different than my life growing up, but they live how I always dreamed a "normal" family lived. A life where the dad went to work everyday, the mom wasn't sick and all the siblings were at home just growing up together.... ;)

4) What actor has "the voice"?
Sam Elliot. Or I guess I would say  him as Tell Sackett...He was "mine" when I was little. I LOVED his voice growing up! But there also is...Matt Damon, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart...sigh, lots off distinct voices out there!

5) Love being with people, or would you rather be a loner?
Hmm, this one is hard! I do enjoy being with people to a point. I do not like talking in crowds or even being around them much, but enjoy one on one conversations. I love being with my friends in a group though, which sometimes is pretty big. But usually I don't like being "with" them. I usually just go off in a corner and read or something. I guess it all depends on my mood... :P I would probably say I am happiest alone...

6) What is the first thing you notice when meeting someone new?
I guess their eyes. But also the way people walk stands out to me.. don't ask me why! I guess I notice almost anything about their body language. They way they move, they way they stand, etc...

7) What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?
Humility. I believe that the ability to humble yourself and admit your weakness and your faults is the truest form of courage and strength. This is one thing I pray I can learn!

8) What's your "go-to" shirt?
A long green and white striped t-shirt. It is so soft and comfortable!

9) What's one wish of your heart?
That I could every draw closer to my Lord and Savior and that those who are lost could come to believe. I guess that is two.. ;)

10) What are your three favorite baby names?
Kin Yance, Forever Rose, and Margaret Evelyn. I have many, many names written down so it is hard to choose only three.... :)

Hope you enjoyed!
Marita <3

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ten Random Questions Tag

I was tagged by Marissa at Hidden Treasures for the Ten Random Questions Tag.
Here it goes!

#1 What is your favorite snack food?

Well...Hmm... This one is hard, I don't eat a whole lot of snacks these days.
But I would probably say celery with peanut butter?? I think... :P
or...a plate of cheese,, fresh veggies and ranch.

#2 Who is your favorite author and why?

I don't really have a favorite author. I love so many and it is hard to choose just one.
I'll say Louis L'Amour, but not his westerns. I LOVE his depth and insight. I love the romance in his words, how his stories unfold as if it were you experiencing everything with the character. My favorite books would be Last of the Breed ,Sackett's Land, Jubal Sackett  and Fair Blows the Wind.  But I am not saying I don't like his westerns at all, just saying that his westerns aren't my favorites.

#3 If you had to change your first name, what would it be?

I always wanted to be Anne (for Anne Shirley) or Loretta (for Loretta Lynn :P). I hated my name when I was little and still wish it was something more "normal".

#4 What is your first memory?

I think my earliest memory would be playing with my nephew Colten on some exercising equipment, I remember looking down as I tried to crawl across part of it (I don't know what it was.. ). I think Colten got hurt because I remember my mom and sister Mindy running in and picking us up. I remember being quite upset that we couldn't play anymore.

#5 What is something you're passionate about?

I love baking and cooking! I love experimenting in the kitchen. Trying new recipes, making up recipes and just seeing if I can make it "better" than before. I especially love old "historical" recipes that make me feel like I am experiencing something from the past. Kneading bread dough helps me relieve stress, so I often would bake when I was feeling anxious (I don't bake very often right now). I dream of opening a bakery where I can sell different kinds of healthy and allergy-free bread. Special sweets and just a big mix of items.

#6 If you were to move from where you live, where would it be?

I think either Idaho or Eastern Oregon. All for different reasons... hehe.

I am attached to Oregon, the place I grew up. I love the long dry summers and the snowy winters. I love the mountains, the trees, the wildflowers and just about everything about it! Well...not the rattlesnakes or bees, but those I am used to. I think I would want to live there over anywhere else.

Idaho because it (law-wise) is the ideal place to raise a family. What I have seen of Northern Idaho reminds me of Eastern Oregon some, but I don't like Southern Idaho much. I dream of buying a small farm (when/if I get married) near a small town and raise my children there. I want to live almost solely off the land because that is just what I've dreamed about my whole life. I want my children to have memories like mine, of growing up barefoot in the mountains with no care in the world.

#7 What is your dream vacation?

It would be the same as Marissa, a paid trip around the world.
Ideally I would  like to spend a LOT of time at places around the world studying everything about them. Hehe!

#8 Where is your favorite hangout place?

Elisa and Leon's... :P I love spending evenings there, going there after church or for a BBQ in the summer. It has always been my second home. I also enjoy going out to Shari's for coffee or breakfast with my friends.

#9 Favorite style of music?

I love most music between 1900-1960's and some select singers from 1980-2000. I love old songs recorded during WWI, the Depression and WWII. I love the old Jazz/Swing. I love the crooners (Bing Crosby, anyone?!). I love old country. I love classic rock. Such a variety!

#10 Do you read more than one book at a time?

Umm... I start more than one book at a time??? I usually then choose one and read it through before continuing with the others I've started.  Through the years I have started so many any still haven't picked them all back up again! Right now I have three books on my "nightstand" that I am reading and two I am reading aloud to Marissa, the other is Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I have taken awhile to read that as I tend to ponder on it quite a bit. As I am reading those I have read other books on the side. So I supposed the answer would be yes... :P

I don't feel like tagging anyone or change the questions as it already has taken me awhile to write this. So if you want to do it go ahead and use the same questions if you like.. ;)

<3 Marita

Friday, January 13, 2017

"New" Faces

Last night my nephew picked Marissa and I up (I don't drive in snow!) And we headed to my Dad's. The roads were quite icy! Everyone was invited over to see my step-mom's parents who are out here.
After being cooped up and unable to leave the house it felt like I had been handed $1,000,000! Lol, okay, not quite.... ;-)  It felt pretty good though to be able to get out!
We got there and everyone was anxious to get out in the snow! Nobody has spent much time sledding this year, guess we just aren't used of being able to...Though in my case, there really isn't anywhere to sled in a subdivision. Not everyone was there yet though so we waited with butterflies in our belly's. Or I did anyways...;-)
Finally we all bundled up. Grabbed the sleds and took off. A few of us went and tried one hill out front, but nobody came and joined us. So off we went to find them sledding down another hill. Oh it was fun!
After awhile us girls decided to go walk around. Laughing and talking. Looking at the "stars" in the snow and eating them...LaKaysha??;) We sledded down the hill a few more times, but then spent the majority of our time visiting, eating snow and dancing. Hehe!
After awhile we finally started getting cold, or at least I did, and went in. Good food, good conversation and coffee...(yes, we made a few changes in our diet;)
I was glad to spend some time with people again! Laughing, visiting and just seeing their faces. It was refreshing! Also was very glad to spend sometime playing in the snow! Aww....Felt like I was little again....
Enjoy! <3 Marita

Thursday, January 12, 2017

January Snow

Well, I have only managed to work one day this week due to the weather. I've missed at least one day a week since Christmas! I am enjoying the break but it hasn't been helpful to my budget.
BUT.....I am LOVING the snow!  Only once have I actually gone out in it and it was a blast! Tonight the whole family is invited to my Dad's and I am hoping to spend some time (if we can even make it there!) In the snow....
Over all, January has been a very slow month. Mostly sitting at home and only going out if necessary. Any clear day when the roads are good I try to make it to work and get everything I need done in one day. I spend my days reading, knitting and watching old movies...And re-watching Father Knows Best ;)
Marissa and I have both been feeling gross, itching all over with slight rash(I had welts one day) and headaches. So we decided to try a special diet and hopefully heal our stomaches and find out what is causing everything. I can't say if we will be able to stick to it... Hopefully we can! It hasn't been fun and it is only the second day! Lol! But overall I have felt better already! I am enjoying trying to be creative and make foods we can eat but also make them taste good. I will try to keep you updated on how this goes and whatnot...:-P
Anyways, since nothing much has been going on I don't have much to say...Been going through stuff, planning and budgeting in what we need for our rental/apartment. Pinterest is quite helpful and fun so we've enjoyed doing that.
We spend hours reading inspirational and funny quotes to each other. We get a good laugh...:-P
Hope you enjoyed this little update!
<3 Marita