Sunday, August 27, 2017

EIAJ // #6 // Yellowstone // Home // Update

Hey Everyone! Here is my last post about our trip. Our last stop was Yellowstone National Park. It was our third visit there! Though we had seen it twice before it had not dimmed in it's glory. Maybe it holds a special place in my heart because my Mom was with us the first time we went? I don't know, but either way I loved each visit there! We seen way more buffalo than we had ever seen there, went in a entrance we had never gone through and seen a geyser we had never seen. I would love to go back and stay in Yellowstone and explore the whole park. That would be fun.

After Yellowstone we had a long day of driving home. Once we left our motel in Butte, Mt, we only stopped when necessary. We didn't eat anything but snacks till we reached our hometown around 7PM. I guess we kind of forgot once we got going.


August has been a very full month and it has gone by so fast. Since we returned it has been go, go, go. How do we keep up?! It seems I don't even blink and the weeks are gone. Every weekend has been spent with family and friends. I am very blessed.

Work - In the last year I have become much better at floral design. I now do arrangements that go for as much as $100. It feels good to know that something you made can sell for so much. Though my pay is still minimum wages. *shrugs* I don't care too much. I do wish I was making more as it would definitely help when Marissa and I got our place, but money isn't everything. My boss spends 15 minutes to an hour talking with me each morning. Some days I really enjoy it, learning about the business or just being a listening ear.
I have learned so much about the business, especially in the last year since my boss's daughter moved. I write emails, order new products, fill orders, help customers, work on the website and I am my boss's 'translator' when she needs to talk to someone. I can't speak Korean, but I have learned how to get her to an understanding. Most of the time.

Marissa and I haven't got our own place yet. It has been put off till (hopefully!) Thanksgiving. We are trying to stay optimistic. We can be patient a little longer, though we are getting anxious for our own place. We have furniture, a washer and dryer and tons of stuff just a-waiting. Eventually we will move.
But...the closer we get to that day I realize more and more how much I am going to miss five little munchkins that have stolen my heart. Five little boys who are so special in each there own way. 'Augie' was just a six (?) month old baby when I moved He is a two year old with his own mind, who talks like crazy and who's laugh is sooooo contagious! How do I leave them?!

Here are some pictures of our last days... :)

This one is from the Badlands....but I couldn't resist putting it.

We there it is. The end of a wonderful journey!

<3 Marita

Thursday, August 24, 2017

EIAJ // #5 // Deadwood, SD // Devil's Tower // Cody, WY

#5 Our Adventure Continues....

I hope these posts aren't boring you all. I admit, I am getting a little tired of them myself. Not of them, but of getting the post ready and what-not. I have been super busy at work these last couple weeks. This weekend my boss is going to be gone so the whole business is on my shoulders for the weekend. Gulp. A little nervous, but I should know how to handle anything that might come up! :P
Anywho, back to our "trip"!
The night before we went to Deadwood we stayed in a B&B so, as we aren't "people" people, we left as early as we could and were on the road by 7:30 AM. We stopped at a small rest area just across a dam/reservoir to eat breakfast. It was just BEAUTIUL and I enjoyed that immensely! It wasn't yet hot out (everyday was at least 90*!) and so I enjoyed being outside without frying.
When we got to Deadwood the first place we went to was Mt. Moriah Cemetery. We went to a little booth and paid the $2 to visit the cemetery. The two ladies there were extremely nice and gave us maps and brochures for Deadwood. We loved the cemetery! We seen "Wild Bill" Hickok's and Calamity Jane's graves, literally a dream come true. After we seen their graves we walked the whole cemetery. It was a huge cemetery just carved into the side of the mountain. It even had "streets" that were named so you would find your way around.
The cemetery was probably our favorite place but I enjoyed seeing the train station, a museum, and just 'seeing' the town. But Deadwood is full of saloons, bars and gambling establishments. Seeing it was amazing and I am so glad we went but I don't know if I would go back.
I don't remember when exactly we stopped at Devil's Tower, but we did. :P There were tons of people. I mean, we almost didn't find a place to park! Everybody was all geared up to go hiking but for us we were way too hot to even think of such a thing. In my memories this was the hottest place we went. We walked to the base and took some pictures and stood in the shade for awhile. It would be nice to walk/hike the trail around it but in cooler weather.
Now.... Cody, WY.
One of my favorites of favorites! We spent more time here than anywhere else, yet we didn't even get to see enough of it! We only went to one place. ONE. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The best museum ever. Nuff said.
It is actually five museums all connected. Only one of the "museums" or "exhibits" did I not really care for...some western art thing. :P But otherwise I could have spent days there. We spent like 6+ hours there and we got to see everything, but I could have spent hours in the firearms exhibit/museum alone. It literally was - AMAZING. I mean....we seen Little Joe's gun! *swoon*
There were guns from many Western stars. It was like 'Cowboy Heaven'! Then they had some of the earliest guns ever made, guns from American wars, and just too many to name. And I loved it.
The other museums/exhibits included an Indian exhibit, a Buffalo Bill exhibit, a animal exhibit, and then that art gallery. We have pictures but they ask that they be for only personal uses, so I guess I won't be posting any pictures of inside the museum.

Picture Time -

Wasn't it a beautiful spot for breakfast?!

Deadwood, SD -

Us at Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Wild Bill Hickok's grave!!!

Random Person's Grave

I thought this was neat.

View of Deadwood from Mt. Moriah Cemetery

A Civil War veteran's grave.

Calamity Jane's grave!

The huckleberry pop was delicious...
so was the chocolate ;)

The train station-turned visitor center.

Can't believe we were really there!

Devil's Tower -

The Sis

Yours Truly

Cody, WY-

If you ever go to Cody, you must stop here!

We had two thunderstorms on our trip, this one caused them to cancel
some of the events at the museum. The lightening was cool!

Since I can't  post any pictures of his gun (which I seen!!)
I just had to post Little Joe...with his gun!

We had Pizza Hut for supper that night.

And there you go! Just one more post of our trip is left then it will all be history.

Can I go back?

Next... Yellowstone and Home.

<3 Marita

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

EIAJ // #4 // Badlands and Mt. Rushmore

*Picture Post - Long*
I am just going to do picture post with some captions. I don't want to bore ya'll, it was a long trip to share.

First Stop - Badlands!

This was the only National Park sign we got a good picture of.

If you can't tell, it was hot!

I LOVED driving!

Sister Dear:)

Had to have a picture of 'Jetson'!

Our lunch :)

Figuring out where our next stop was.


A lot of the roads we went on were gravel. This was the 'Rim' road.
I think it had a more 'official' name.

The first of the many buffalo we seen!

Isn't it cute?!

That is the end of the, Mt. Rushmore!
(Bored yet?)

The 'first' sight! (We did see it some driving...)

Each pillar had the states and their flags.

Our flag was wrapped around the pole so couldn't get a good picture...:(


Me :)

Mt. Rushmore! In all her glories! She was a beautiful sight!

We walked the Presidential Trail. It was almost a mile long and in the heat
we were hot!

Snapshot of "us".

Looking back at the amphitheater.

Us :)

We just couldn't get enough of her!

Almost 2,000 people were there...*_*

At the end they asked all the servicemen and veterans to come up on stage
or to have someone representing someone come up. There were quite a few!

Our B&B, it was late when we got there.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed and it wasn't too long.

Next....  Deadwood, S.D., Devil's Tower, and Cody, WY!

<3 Marita